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Welcome to Unobtainium's forum! Please read the rules and be respectful to everyone. If you need any ideas for something to build, check out the suggestions forum. Have fun!

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 My shitload of s..hit :D

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PostSubject: My shitload of s..hit :D   Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:52 am

Things I've made

  • Lumbridge(ish) Castle in the corner of the map (not the yellow one )

  • Chinese .. Temple? with an orange roof near my castle

  • Green watchtower near the GSF castle

  • Arxx's Pointless Big Tower.. find it urself

  • Small mushroom pyramide

  • An Hourglass

  • Underground apartment Very Happy <- Hidden :p

  • Estonian flag (3 times ) ?

  • Adminium monument In front of the GSF castle

  • A theatre

  • A few parking lots

  • MCdonalds

  • ARXX tower (small one.. near the pimp tree Razz

  • A building ?

  • A park next to Modx's waterpark

And i think thats just about it Razz F course im gonna make a few sprites n stuff
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My shitload of s..hit :D
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